What We Are

We are a NY based, women-owned environmental design company that specializes in sustainable living. Our team consists of 27 years of experience in art, design, and sustainability, as well as degrees in business, commerce, environmental studies and merging media. Our core values are quality, consciousness, and compassion, so that we can best serve you and the planet you live in.

What We Offer

LOB Fashion” is our sustainable high fashion brand sourced entirely from upcycled fabrics. Every component of our custom-made pieces are made from high quality materials, from the thread to the accessories, resulting in long lasting, environmentally conscious, and classic products that will never go out of style. Our clothing is made with love for all, so that you can help the environment and look fabulous doing it.

Meet The Team

Rakel Tanibajeva

Rakel is a New York City native and Yale University undergraduate majoring in Environmental Studies.

Her environmental activism and experience in the fashion industry began over a decade ago. She modeled professionally at an early age, and later wore the hats of many other positions through her work as Sustainability Ambassador during NYFW 2020 and People’s Choice winning stylist of Refashion Week NYC 2021. She’s collaborated with several environmentally conscious organizations including Housing Works and Goodwill, lectured for the NYC Environmental Education Center, the NY State Environmental Conservation Agency and the New York Public Library on how “fast fashion” its environmental and social implications, and has received coverage in several media outlets and publications including Forbes and NY Weekly.

She is also the Founder and Director of “Lots of Berries,” designing and custom-making unique and high-quality upcycled pieces that help her clients look, feel, and do good – for the environment, themselves, and others.