What We Offer

  • LOB Fashion

“LOB Fashion” is a sustainable high fashion line sourced entirely from upcycled fabrics. Every component of our custom-made pieces are made from high quality materials, from the thread to the accessories, resulting in long lasting, environmentally conscious, and classic products that will never go out of style. Our clothing is made with love for all, following our core values of diversity, inclusivity, and compassion. “Contact Us” to order your own custom made piece. 

  • LOB Fine Art 

All of our fine art pieces are made by a professional artist, whose work is exhibited in permanent museum collections around the world. Specializing in sculpture, photography, painting, murals, and mixed media, she is prepared to meet any style using our mostly recycled materials. “Contact Us” to order your own custom made piece, to schedule a private instructional session, or hire our artist for a group workshop. 

  • LOB Interior Decor

Need help decorating your living or work space? “Contact Us” for a consultation! We have a knack for finding an one-of-a-kind central piece that will elevate the space for generations, and even restoring it if needed.  

  • LOB Land Development

To more fully adopt a sustainable lifestyle, “Contact Us” for a consultation regarding growing a garden or building sustainable living structures. There is no project too big or small; we can help you transform a tiny backyard or acres of land. We will show the entire process of our own transformation on our Youtube channel, stay tuned!